Friday, February 25, 2011

New Mac OSX Lion!!

Omg I can't wait!!!
Summer 2011, new version of the Mac OSX. The Lion is coming!!
This is sooo exciting!
What's going to be new?? Well, the new OSX Lion will will take inpiration from the iPad giving its big success and its convenient interface.
With the new App Store for Mac, this will be just a natural continuation for OSX. 
Also, new designs for apps such as Mail, iPhoto, iCal and Preview. The main focus will be the full screen for a better convenience of use. 
There will also be this new thing called AirDrop, which will work kind of like Dropbox. The end of the USB key (finally!)!!
Here are some previews:

So, let's be patient and wait for summer 2011!!
...... it will be long.. ahhhhhh

photo credit: Apple

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