Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Mrs. Obama Effect

Last Wednesday, Mrs Obama appeared on Today's Show wearing a simple and cute H&M polka-dot dress. Its cost? 34.95$.

Yes, the Frist Lady in H&M. I love her audacity!
But, few hours after it happened, the H&M stock price rose by 2 Swedish krona (from 210.7 to 213.7), which represents an increase of 1.43%. With 827 million shares outstanding, the company's market capitalization rose by $384 million.

I will always be impressed by the all power this woman has!

photo credit: Peter Kramer / NBC / AP Images

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  1. Thank you there!
    randomness is my thing! :)

  2. She is so cute and versatile in wear such an affordable piece..
    Looked great on her
    Lee x