Monday, January 10, 2011

How to customize your Mac!

I love my Mac, but after a while, I really needed to customize it to make it more personal!
And I found a great way to do it: change the icons!!
With this post , I'll show you how to change the icons of your Mac with new ones.
Here are the steps:

1. Go to a web site where you can download icons. Here are few of them that I really like:

2. Choose an icon you like and save it on your computer. Here, I will change the icon of my Adobe Illustrator application. So that's the icon I chose.
3. After you saved it in your computer, go to the application you want to change the icon, right click and "get info"

4. Then, go the the file you just saved on your computer and open it. 
4. So now, you should have those 2 windows open next to each other.
5. Select all "command+ A" the new icon so it looks like this:
and then copy it "command+ C".

6. In the "Get Info" window the the application, select the actual little icon on the top left corner. It should be slightly surrounded by a blue line:
Once it's blue, paste "Command+V" the icon you copied few seconds ago!
7. Now the new icon should have replaced the old one!


And this is how it should look in your dock once you open the application:

I changed many icons: iPhoto (3rd from the left), Firefox (4th) iTunes (5th) Photoshop and Illustrator (the last two ones)

Now you can change any icon you want with a new one you found on internet, like the folders icons.

Have fun and stay tuned for other ways to customize your Mac!


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