Saturday, December 18, 2010

TikTok. Here comes the iPod nano-watch

At the end of November, a new product to be produced was in search of funds and tried to do it through Kickstarter, which is a giant fundraising platform.
The studio MINIMAL wanted to raise funds for its 2 new products: TikTok and LunaTik, wristband watches for the iPod Nano. MINIMAL is also known to have created things for popular brands like Nike, HP, Dell, Xbox and Motorola.

Their plan was to raise 15 000$ through Kickstrarter, but the success was far above their expectations.
They managed to raise 941 718$! What a kick off!

Thank god that was not an equity release!!!

I would definitely buy one if I was a man. It's a bit too industrial-ish for a woman. But it could make the perfect gift for the friend, boyfriend, brother or father!!

What a bright idea!!

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